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Litecoin Leads Way as Most Big Cryptocurrencies Post Decreases

The Crypto market is witnessing a downward trend yet again. Every major Cryptocurrency is falling in terms of its value. Litecoin is leading the trend with the maximum fall in terms of percentage and value.

Bitcoin and Dogecoin have held on to their positions strongly. They are the only two Cryptocurrencies to have registered an increase in the trading value.

Crypto-related companies are on the rise with only a few exceptions with a steady line in their trading graph. Percentage and price vary for all, with promising returns at the moment.

Current Condition

The current trading condition of Cryptocurrencies is a bit worrisome. Every Cryptocurrency is falling on the trading board. The previous year ended on a bearish note. The tide was expected to turn greener when 2022 began.

There has not been a lot of improvement, but hopes are high as 2022 is left with 11 more months.

At the moment, the downward trend in the Crypto market is being led by Litecoin. LTC has witnessed a fall of 3.07% to touch the mark of $138.07. Fortunately, this is the maximum that a digital asset has taken a hit.

Many more Cryptos are down, but the damage is less hurtful. Volatility is expected to play a role again, with investors looking for ways to revive their holdings.

Other Cryptocurrencies that have fallen are Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Uniswap, and Polkadot.

Bitcoin Cash has taken a hit of 2.37% and has gone down to $373.93. Cardano has shed its value by 2.07%. It now stands at the trading value of $1.44. Holders of Uniswap have experienced a fall of 2.07% in value and it is now being traded at $15.81.

The value of Polkadot has come down to $24.74 at the rate of 1.77%. Ripple is another Cryptocurrency that has not been spared by the trend. It participates with a lowered price of 75 cents at 1.37%.

Ethereum is the only Cryptocurrency to have fallen the least. It is down by 0.33$ to the value of $3,153.90.

Two Cryptocurrencies that have kept their holders smiling are Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Bitcoin rose by 0.37% to the value of $42,557.94. This is lower than what the holders of BTC want, but it is enough to give a comforting cushion. Dogecoin has come up to 17 cents by 0.08%.

Companies that are closely related to Cryptocurrency have registered a rising trend in the market. Except for Tesla and CIA, every other major company has risen.

While Tesla remains steady at $1,030.51, CIA goes completely flat with a value of 94 cents.

Coinbase is up by 1.30% to touch the mark of $224.89. A closer increased percentage of 1.29% has been recorded by AMD. It now stands at a value of $133.58. MicroStrategy is one of the companies to register the maximum increase of 4.08%, taking its value to $487.39.Fluctuations are a part of Crypto trading. Analyzing the future is the least that can be done. Check out these LTC predictions to understand Litecoin’s potential.

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