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Why Do Crypto Casinos Prefer Proprietary Games?


Every casino offers a wide variety of games to keep players engaged with an exciting gambling experience. Among these casino games, there are proprietary games that are created by non-gambling companies. These games are operated from the outside of the online gambling world. Slots, table games, video poker, and live casino games are all derived from well-known providers of casino games such as iSoftBet or Microgaming. But proprietary games are the exceptions that join these common casino games and introduce new ways of gambling to the players.

When we look at crypto casinos, players there also prefer proprietary games. These games make the online gambling industry more special. Developers worldwide contribute to the iGaming industry by building some fantastic proprietary games for crypto casinos. However, before playing these games, it is important to know how the proprietary games in crypto casinos work.

Crypto Casinos and Proprietary Games

A bitcoin casino or a crypto casino is an online platform that runs a public arena for gambling, crypto lottery, and gaming but uses cryptocurrencies as the primary currency for transactions. Crypto casinos are popular due to the overwhelming growth in the value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. These casinos are also preferred for their anonymity aspect, where player information is not revealed to competitors or third-party platforms. Compared to traditional online casinos, crypto casinos have dozens of game variations, which are often available for unlimited access with zero fees on daily transactions.

Like traditional casinos, crypto casinos also host a range of games, including slots, table games,  and video poker, among others. Discovering these games is easy as one can visit the site for online cryptocurrency gambling and select from the full range of traditional casino games available. To stand out from standard casino gaming, crypto casinos have introduced proprietary games that can be played with cryptocurrencies. Proprietary games in crypto casinos are the next step of evolution in the online gambling industry. Most crypto casinos have integrated these proprietary games with their classic casino staples such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. It has come full circle, as proprietary games, sports betting, and crypto casinos are now readily available in Bitcoin worldwide.

Top 5 Must-Try Proprietary Games on Crypto Casinos

The reason why players at crypto casinos prefer proprietary games is the level of adventure that these games bring to the casino. By putting together top proprietary games, crypto casinos can make more money and allow the players to diversify their winnings as well. Here are the top five proprietary games you must try on crypto casinos.

  • Master of Fortunes: Crypto casinos offer proprietary games where the master of Fortunes tops the list. It is an oriental-style slots game that has been equipped with a high progressive jackpot. Lucky cats, snakes, and pandas are some of the symbols used in Master of Fortunes slots. In this game, the lucky cat symbol unlocks a mini-game, where one can score high to get big cash prizes.
  • Cat and Mouse: Despite being an old-fashioned format of slots, Cat and Mouse games are still quite action-packed. The slots include five reels, where several exciting features of the game are revealed. One of the features gives access to a Mouse Trail mini-game where you have to move the mouse across the board and avoid all the deadly traps that the cat has laid on its trail.
  • Mahjong King: Mahjong is a popular Chinese proprietary game used by experienced as well as new crypto gamblers. Mahjong King is an advanced version of the game, where a 5-reel slot offers a 25-pay line gamble that comprises multipliers, free spins, and other exciting ways to win cash prizes.
  • Mario’s Gold: Almost every other person who has played arcade games is familiar with Mario and Super Mario. Nintendo, the creator of these games, has come up with a proprietary casino game for crypto casinos. Mario’s Gold is a slot with 5 reels offering 10 pay lines, wherein players also get free spins, high-value trios, and wilds. The jackpot of this game can reach a whopping 900,000 coins in cryptocurrencies.
  • Erik the Red: Lastly, Erik the Red is a modern proprietary game based on real-life Norse Explorer, Erik Thorvaldsson. Credited for exploring several medieval sources, Thorvaldsson is the avatar that the players can operate. In this slot game, players can spin 5 reels and get 20 fixed pay lines, which also unlock features such as mystery stacks.

Proprietary Games – Pros and Cons

Like all casino games, proprietary games for crypto casinos have some plus-points and some shortcomings. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of proprietary games:

Proprietary games draw in customers with exclusive promos. The software providers of these games find an interesting way to attract players.These games are not highly regulated, and most of the proprietary game providers are not licensed.
These games are unique and developed with proprietary gaming technologies that are completely verified. These games are different and exceptionally special to crypto casino players.These games offer smaller jackpots and do not allow players to make a big splash.
The odds offered by these games are relatively higher than other games. With the increased odds, proprietary games such as slots or bingo up the winnings of players organically.

Final Thoughts

Proprietary games are those unique offerings that every crypto casino needs to keep its customers engaged. These games make sure that the crypto casino sites experience high online traffic. Despite not being created by any established online gambling software provider, these games still offer a new level of gambling experience for cryptocurrency users. In the future, the arrival of licensed proprietary games will make crypto casinos more secure and entertaining for people.

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