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Top cryptocurrencies out of the slump plaguing the market.

The whole past year has not been very positive for the cryptocurrency markets, specifically because of the arbitrariness that has been plaguing the market for a long period of time. Except for a brief period of time in July, the markets of cryptocurrency have been facing a slump. Even as the speculations related to it are plaguing the market, it can be believed that attempts are being made by cryptocurrency to recover the loss of 190 billion dollars that was incurred in these few months .As of now, all the major cryptocurrencies are in the green section in the market.

The top ten major cryptocurrencies in the market are in the green section as of now. There is some major good news for the well-wishers of XRP and EOS, it is th5 at in the past twenty four hours, and both these currencies have seen a growth of 15% in the market, according to the Coinmarketcap. Bitcoin, which is the most popular currency at this point of time, is trading at $6500. It has seen a growth of 3.6 percent in the time of twenty four hours. It had plunged to an astounding $5961 in the past week but is on the path to recovery from that stage.

A significant recovery can be noticed for Ethereum as well, it had crashed to $259, and however, its position is now up by 6.5 percent with it being restored to $303 at this point of time. At its lowest, cryptocurrency markets were at $28 billion, however, right now, they are stabilized at a significant $217 billion. There are several coins that are listed in the market right now. However, even though there is increased stability in the market, the overall contribution of Bitcoin is lesser compared to the previous weeks.

The highest growth has been noticed in XRP and EOS, with the increase in the value of Ripple by 18%.EOS is fifth with its growth AT 16 percent. Ethereum classic on the other hand has been elevated to an 11th position by the Coinbase exchange. This is a major step forward for this currency.
Even though attempts are being made to decrease the arbitrariness in the sector and to restore cryptocurrency to the position it had held the previous year, it would be a long while before these objectives are attained.

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