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Gemini Owners, Winklevoss Twin Brothers Host Reddit AMA to affirm Commitment to get Bitcoin ETF

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are famous Winklevoss twin siblings in the world of cryptocurrencies and the proprietors of leading crypto trade firm Gemini. They have been emphatically powerful in the crypto business being the greatest Bitcoin supporters and followers.

A few days ago, the Winklevoss twins facilitated a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. The aim behind the AMA session is to help the blockchain association through the discussions. At the session, the twins confirmed their strong commitment to bring the Bitcoin ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) approved. The two of them discussed Crypto world’s revolution over the continuous ups and downs. They also focused on the need of prospering this revolution towards a successful future ahead for the Crypto community. The twins noticed that a lot of great advancements have happened in the crypto industry, since the last AMA session that they hosted in 2015.

At the point when they asked some information that whether Bitcoin will be able to keep its leading position, twins addressed decidedly that Bitcoin is positively the OG crypto! They believe that it’s difficult to beat network impacts during hard cash. So, all in all, Bitcoin is the champ in the long haul. The Winklevoss twins included that they are strongly committed to making Bitcoin ETF a reality! They trust that the revolution that continuously stands tall while the huge downtrends will have a successful future ahead and there is a great possibility of profitable achievements.

Additionally, in the session, Tyler expressed that they think Bitcoin is greater at being gold than gold. As per their belief, the market capitalization of Bitcoin will succeed by receiving more than 7 trillion-dollar market capital of gold soon. They also clarified the general significance of blockchain vs cryptocurrencies. Tyler declared,
“One can’t exist without the other. A blockchain without crypto resembles calling AOL the Internet.”

A Redditor likewise asked about the total of Bitcoins they own, strangely they reacted, not the same number of as Satoshi holds.

Winklevoss twin siblings that became billionaire expressed how they initially get keen on Cryptocurrency. They initially came to know about Bitcoin in 2012 and after that learned that it was the beginning of an amazingly significant and historical era in the financial world. The twins expressed that they began purchasing Bitcoin, yet they found that there was no simple method to purchase, sell and store Bitcoin or any Cryptocurrency, which encouraged them to establish Gemini as a platform to solve this issue. The mission of Gemini is to create trust & a long haul and reasonable value for its esteemed customers.

The twins support and efforts towards receiving Bitcoin ETF saw mishaps in 2018 as the US SEC did not approve their proposals. Though, this has discouraged their enthusiasm in what is considered by most crypto lovers as a need for the inversion of the bearish crypto ongoing trend to bullish trend.

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