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Trading Competition: Kucoin Launches 681,819 ROAD Giveaway

Kucoin is planning to launch a listing campaign with ROAD to celebrate its listing on the Kucoin exchange platform. The giveaway project aims to reward a pool of 681,819 ROAD to the qualified Kucoin users. The campaign will start from 18:00:00 p.m on 21st February 2020, ending on18:00:00 p.m 28th February 2020. 


Primarily there are two classified categories of winning traders. Top 20 traders win a share of 272,756 ROAD, whereas Top 21-100 traders win a share of 409,063. The rewards will be given on the basis of accounts with the highest trading amount of ROAD (buy+sells) on Kucoin based on the scale of their trading amount. 


The calculation of the winning amount will be done based on the calculation procedures given for both the categories of traders. The reward calculation procedure for the top 20 traders is as follows,  


The reward for the top 20 traders = ( Each user’s total trading volume/ Top 20 users’ total trading volume) x winning share amount. (272,756 ROAD)  


Similarly, the procedure remains the same for the category of 21-100 traders, i.e.,


The reward for top 21-100 = (Each user’s total trading volume/ Top 21/100 users’ total trading volume x winning share amount. (409,063 ROAD) 


As per the information given on the KuCoin’s official website, there are few things to note by the KuCoin users participating in the giveaway. As per the rules regarding the trading and giveaway, trading activities on the platform will be going through meticulous observation. The platform is liable to cancel the qualification of the participants who are caught performing any acts such as false transactions, manipulations, registration of accounts in bulk illegally, etc. KuCoin holds the sole right to discrete if the transaction behavior is caught as cheating. KuCoin has all the rights to disqualify the participation of the user. The final decision made by KuCoin is legally binding for all participants who participated in the competition. Henceforth, users of KuCoin confirm their registration and use of KuCoin is permissive and not compulsorily interfered or influenced by KuCoin. 


Also, it is stated that the Sub-Accounts and master Accounts are going to be treated as one while participating in the giveaway. And the rewards will be distributed within three days of the campaign end. 

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