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Where is Bitcoin headed?

It has been stated repeatedly by various experts of the field that crypto currency is filled with arbitrariness; it is extremely unpredictable and requires an immense level of shrewdness to be a success in this field. However, even though crypto currency cannot be credited with being a secure field, it beyond a doubt, the most interesting one, and the interest level that has been maintained in the field has to do with its leading currency, Bitcoin. Bitcoin has seen to it that there is an enthusiasm in the field of crypto currency, an excitement is conspicuous.

This has to do with the fact that in a completely arbitrary market, Bitcoin has continued to be a coin which has proved to be more trustworthy than rest of the crypto currencies. There is an element of stability not found in other crypto currencies which can be found in this one. It is for this reason that it continues to be one of the most preferred coin in the market. In a sea of coins which fail to live up to the expectations of users every day, this currency guarantees a level of security. The same thing cannot be said about other coins in the market.

However, there had been issues with this prominent currency as well; they had to do with the number of trading operation which could be carried out by Bitcoin. This was an issue because of the lack of strength of network. However, these network issues are being sorted out and there is a chance that after that is done, Bitcoin would be an undisputed pioneer in the field of crypto currency. Moreover, it would lead to a remarkable ease for the consumers, thus increasing the prestige, and in the long term, the value of crypto currency.

Another factor which renders Bitcoin invulnerable to the reputation of the crypto currency market, and the fluctuations in the crypto currency markets is that it has proved that it is an influencing factor. It is the value of Bitcoin which decides the fate of several altcoins. That is, the value of the different altcoins is directly proportional to the value of altcoins in the market.

Due to the strong hold of Bitcoin in the market, more exchanges are planning to facilitate the Bitcoin trade. It is only logical to propagate the trade of the most preferred, secure and popular currency.

Bitcoin has created for itself, a position in the market which has the ability to cut across the limitations of the sector. Overtime, it has become an entity in possession of the kind of force which can turn the tables despite the existing resistance and suspicion.

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