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Sirin Labs Launches ‘Finney’— World’s First Blockchain Smartphone

On November 29, Sirin Labs finally launched the ‘world’s first’ blockchain cell phone-Finney, following months of desire. However, even with the football legend Lionel Messi’s approval and a $157.8 million token deal behind it, the $999 gadget has ventured into an exotic area, where its inherent cold stock wallet and DApp environment will need to fight with the power of renowned brands like Samsung and Apple as well as the rival blockchain Smartphone HTC’s Exodus.1.

On its launch, the distinctive features of Finney were reported. The exclusive Smartphone-Finney is equipped with an inserted cool stock wallet that is physically independent of the primary equipment. Its operating system—Sirin is a Google certified model with Android framework. It lets you treasure AI-driven, digital threat location and empowers the immediate trade of chosen cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Sirin Labs Token without the need to utilize a centralized trade.

During the launch event of Finney in Barcelona, Sirin Labs gave away more extensive features of Finney. He revealed that the exclusive Finney is just the first step to bring innovative blockchain technology to the world of smartphones.

Multiple Israeli organizations utilized the launch occasion to learn how this exclusive smartphone-Finney can make blockchain technology more open to people with a more useful method for safely managing their crypto coins.

Moshe Hogeg, co-founder and co-CEO of Sirin Labs, announced during the launch event that Finney is a ‘one-stop shop.’ Before Finney’s launch, you required a record, a PC and a software wallet and after that, you suppose to go to a crypto exchange to convert them over. But now you do all this in one smartphone-Finney.

With a Token Conversion Service, a cold storage wallet and crypto-trade applications, Finney will take “an immense step forward in overcoming any issues between the blockchain economy and the customer market.”

Despite various opinions about its genuineness and innovative technology, one thing is clear that with Finney, Sirin Labs has taken an important step for the digital currency industry. This is something exclusive that other blockchain projects have never done before. But now the future of Finney will reveal if it is effective enough for people to deal with the crypto industry?

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