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Here is How to Run a Successful ICO Marketing Campaign?

ICO refers to a roughly unregulated way of accumulating funds to nurture a cryptocurrency-based project. The methodology includes selling a portion of the cryptocurrency to the initial investors for Bitcoin or another legal tender. Just like a traditional IPO, it lets investors buy the shares of a company.

ICO is although a new phenomenon but is taking huge strides due to the creation of new cryptocurrencies. For a virtual currency venture to have an impact in the year 2019, it is critical to have an effective marketing strategy for the ICO, letting it reach its intended market. Here you can learn all that you need to, to launch a successful ICO marketing campaign in the following section:

> Decide the type of your offering

When planning to conduct an ICO, decide if you are issuing a utility token or a security token. A utility token is to offer access for a product whereas a security token works as an investment. This will save you a horde of legal hours.

Another consideration is deciding on the token sale events to gather funds before executing the primary sale to the crowd. A private sale event usually has founders as well as the team members having discussions with their advisory teams, and executing crypto fund pitching of the project to VCs as well as the angel investors. A pre-sale event will measure and authenticate if the crowd investors are interested or not.

> Create a whitelist

Then, you need to build a community whitelist. This will create a community of potential members and investors interested in your project. It can be executed on first-come, first-served phenomena – people signing up to the list, get a position in the whitelist, and when the list is full, applications are no longer registered.

Or, a ‘Proof-Of-Caring’ can be employed which means that the position of an investor in the list is evaluated through the proof of their contributions to the community with 1st position making most contributions. This will let everyone have a chance to be on the list despite the list being full.

Certain upfront ICO expenses will include:

  • Development of Smart contract
  • Paid Advertising through PR, social media marketing, and other forms
  • Hosting Events
  • Hiring members

> Design a whitepaper for your ICO

This is the first thing that kickstarts your ICO campaign. An ICO white paper includes:

  • Project Information like start/finish date as well as the major milestones
  • Project scope after ICO completion
  • Starting Capital for the project
  • Allowance for token and division

> Create a Lead Generating Website

The process of creating a lead generating website begins with buying a suitable domain with .com domain, or .io .co .ly and other extensions available. WordPress is the most popular website creator providing you with all the plug and play WordPress plugins with innumerable functionalities.

If you have a website, make sure it has a page with:

  • A CTA, call-to-action that helps investors to be on the whitelist, be verified or be a participant in the sale tiers
  • All community links like Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bitcointalk, YouTube, and more.
  • All marketing documents like white papers, presentations, along with any essential documentation.
  • An exhaustive overview of the project.
  • Project details that investors want to know before making an investment.
  • Token sale terms that include pricing, buying means info on the token supply, distribution of token, and fund allocation.
  • The Token sale timeline with a legal portion of all linked issues covered. A list of founders or advisory board along with the partners with their photos and their social links like LinkedIn.
  • Press and media. Show your contributors the testimonials by people. Cite sources and add links to related articles.

> Set up tracking

After your website is ready, set up the tracking.

The most popular and easy method of doing this is to set Google Tag Manager (GTM), that will let you include a number of tracking pixels with no developer assistance.

Working on WordPress, you can use the GTM plugin. After installing the GTM, you can set it up and start working on:

  • Google Search Console
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google analytics
  • Twitter Pixel
  • LinkedIn Pixel

Whatever social platforms you are using, find out if they support pixel tracking, and insert GTM onto them. Create profiles on social networks popular with cryptocurrency projects

> Brand Awareness

The next step is to create awareness regarding your ICO. Create profiles over the social platforms so that people of all age and demographic groups can get in touch with you.

Create a brand consistency on all these channels and ensure that investors see an enhanced brand experience. Get the same social media handles through all channels and involve your @projectname to become an important trademark of your brand. Also, from ICO listing on different ICO platforms, you may need professional services like Blockchain Marketing Ninja.

Some popular social media channels for blockchain as well cryptocurrency include:

  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Bitcointalk

Moreover, set a clear path and a roadmap to how your campaign is going to look like. An honest demonstration of your objectives will go a long way to gain public trust and the capital investments into your new ICO venture as well.

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