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Increase Your Bitcoin Amount with Cryptohopper, the Best Automated Crypto Trading Bot

Despite the skeptic circumstances, cryptocurrency has become a consolidated source of income for many. Every bitcoin owner wants a better return, regardless of the markets, hence through these situations, there’s another form bitcoin trading tool surfacing the market, known as a trading robot.

The trading bot is essentially a section of software code that is exclusively designed for analyzing the market data for cryptocurrency trading. After buying a crypto bot, you need to tailor it to suit your preferences. The software will slowly analyze your market and will execute investments automatically.

There are several bots available in the market. Hence, it can be hard for many to gauge the best trading bot in the crypto world. We’ll break it down for you via a simple explanation of one of the most sought-after trading bot.

Cryptohopper is a bitcoin and crypto trading bot created to aid the simplification of the crypto trade, helping the traders of all scales and levels to leverage their trading opportunities, and increase their revenues with lower possibilities of losses.

In the range of these cryptocurrency trading bots, Cryptohopper is the one that exclusively aims to authorize traders by offering a simple and reasonably priced featured service letting its users trade multiple cryptocurrencies removing human errors in their trading procedure.

The automated bot does not have guaranteed revenues but lets traders make more informed decisions about the trades based on algorithmically programmed approaches of trading as well as external signals. Algorithmic trading for every person.

Cryptohopper has support for over 75 cryptocurrencies along with ten major exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Bitfinex, Bitvavo, Kraken, Kucoin, Huobi, BinanceUS and Poloniex.

Some prominent features of Cryptohopper:

Functionality – Cryptohopper harbors a web-based solution with a simple and intuitive medium of interaction, including a huge gamut of functions. Consumers can customize the trading option of the bot to trade 24/7 on its own, using both algorithmic as well as social trading. The strategies can be easily created in the strategy designer by selecting technical indicators. However, in case you are not very experienced in trading, you can follow and copy 3rd party trading experts that will trade in your behalf to maximise your returns.

Technology – The partially automated trade that executes through API integration along with a gamut of cryptocurrency firms can be executed over the internet-connected device like desktop, tablet, laptop, or even mobile phones to run 24/7 with no need to be online.

Tools – The platform offers a decent range of tools for trading and has features like the tool for bot backtesting, configurable as well as storable templates, trailing stops, as well as customizable indicators of technicalities. Users can even bank on pointers like Stoch, Bollinger Bands, RSI as well as MACD and other 130 technical indicators and candlestick patterns that the user can easily automate.

Marketplace – As previously described, the marketplace is the perfect social trading section for those users that prefer to follow experienced traders. Subscribe to their signals, purchase strategies and download templates. Interact and follow professional traders with just one click.

Arbitrage bots – Cryptohopper is the first crypto trading platform in offering exchange and market arbitrage to their users. Any trader will be able to take advantage of the price differences between exchanges, a practice that has proved to be highly efficient in the cryptocurrency market. Now available with the Adventure and Hero subscription.

Market making bot – This trading style is commonly used by high frequency traders and consists of trading the spread of the market selected. The spread between the bid and ask is usually wide enough to profit from it, and the market makes bot will do it very quickly.

Exchange Integration – Cryptohopper is currently compatible with ten exchanges, including Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Kucoin, BinanceUS, Bitvavo, Huobi, Kraken, Bittrex, and Poloniex. Other important exchanges are planned to be added soon.

Customer Support – The platform also inhabits a team for support available for the resolution of any issues. Customers can get in touch with the team via filing a ticket for support under the Support Section. The team is also reachable through their Twitter handle, Telegram group, as well as their Facebook account.

There is a support section on the website that contains various FAQs along with different Tutorials helping users navigate in the portal. Moreover, the team also elicited the Academy library of Cryptohopper videos.

Why is Cryptohopper the strongest ally for all bitcoin traders?

Cryptohopper is rapidly thriving in the market for many different reasons. First, they offer an exclusive kind offline trading in which cryptocurrency bot on the cloud keeps the trading on even while the computer is not working.

The bot is also extremely easy to use for newbies, as it is the only robot to have to embed extra signalers, letting inexperienced dealers letting bot trade over autopilot mode with the use of the signalers. The experienced traders can follow a manual strategy by customizing sales based on many technical indicators.

Second, Cryptohopper provides backtesting the trailing stop loss involving the features that let the bot not only trade with profit-making capacity but to work using many different exchanges along with an easy user interface.

Cryptohopper also becomes the only firm to provide a monthly trial free of cost, with the capability to elevate to the next levels, namely, Explorer ($19 p/m), Adventure ($49 p/m), Hero ($99 p/m) if you want to.

So what is keeping you waiting? Kick-off your trading endeavors with Crytpohopper now!

Sign up in less than 1 minute and enjoy their 7 day free trial by clicking here!

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