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The Best Method to Win at Crypto Casino

An Overview

Today, there is no shortage of Bitcoin casino games available online, but the crypto dice is one of the most liked games. Crypto dice is maybe the most straightforward gameplay with easy-to-understand and remember rules. The gameplay is parallel to the traditional dice game, and so are the strategies.

What is Crypto Dice? How does it work?

Crypto dice works the same way in all crypto casino platforms. It is easy to play. All that a player has to do is choose a number in the range of 1 to 100. The wagerer then bets on whether the dice roll will rest above or below the number. For instance, it does not matter whether the player bets on a roll below 75 or a 25, as they bring the same odds. Most casino platforms offer crypto dice games with a 1% house edge. To play, one has to select a number that one feels the roll will rest, above or below.

How to win at a crypto casino?

One thing to note is that the more the scope of payout, the lesser the winning chances. Next, the gambler puts out the bet amount and then presses the roll button. For better winning chances, one must watch the previous rolls and try to study and identify the patterns. It empowers the probability calculation. For instance, if the last seven rolls landed under 60, the player will soon see a roll above 60. Then there are other strategies, like the one that identifies an alternating pattern. If your first roll lands above 60, the next below 60, then again above, and again below, then the chance is that the alternating pattern will come to a close soon. Players familiar with the strategy bet on the opposite of the previous roll, knowing the pattern will shortly end. The crypto dice is a random game, independent of any past events. The patterns do not last forever, which makes it exciting.

Strategies and rules to follow

Let’s discuss a few strategies that could help wagerers perform better. Do remember that crypto dice strategies are mostly gambling plans.

  • The Martingale Strategy: The Martingale Strategy is perhaps one of the most prevalent gambling plans, originating in the 18th century, from France. The dice rollers increase the wagering amount progressively when they go through a losing streak. When the player finally wins, the winning amount covers all the previous losses. Let’s take a look at an instance of Bitcoin Martingale Strategy play.
  1. A player makes a loss of 10 m฿ (m฿ or mBTC or mili-bitcoin or one-thousandth of a bitcoin) bet, rolling under 60.
  2. Next, the player puts out a 20 m฿ bet and rolls under 60.
  3. If that also shows a loss, then the wagerer puts out a 40m฿ bet, rolling under 60.
  4. The pattern repeats until the wagerer can guess the roll correctly.
  • The Break-Even Martingale Strategy: The Break-Even Martingale crypto dice strategy is like the Martingale, though it slows down the betting process rate. Let’s take a look at an instance of Break-Even Martingale crypto dice strategy:
  1. A wagerer makes a loss of 10m฿ bet, rolling under 60
  2. The wagerer then puts forth an amount of 10m฿ and rolls under 60 again
  3. If the second bet also loses, the player next increases to 20m฿, continuing to Martingale strategy
  • The Inverse Martingale Strategy: Inverse Martingale’s crypto dice strategy is the opposite of the Martingale strategy. The wagerers increase the bet size in their winning streak as opposed to the losing streak. The players wager a 50% bet from their successful rolls. The player can then still maintain half of the winnings from the last rolls despite losing the 50% bet.
  • The D’Alembert Strategy: The D’Alembert strategy is completely straightforward. The players increase the wagering amount in the consecutive rolls.
  • The Paroli Strategy: The Paroli is a progressive strategy that takes advantage of the winning streak. Let’s take a look at an instance of Paroli crypto dice strategy:
  1. The player decides on the base wagering
  2. The wagerer doubles the wagering-amount after each win
  3. The wagerer bets the base bet-amount after a loss

The wagerers can minimize their losses and benefit from winning streaks.


Even though the gambling crypto market is out with thousands of games, wagerers lean towards the As it is, crypto dice is the most straightforward gameplay. The player chooses a number and places a stake on whether the dice roll will rest above or below. The player can grasp the strategy by understanding the dice roll and studying the pattern. Some dice strategies encourage increasing the wagering amount in the losing streak, while others in the winning. Now you have learned the methods to win at crypto casinos, so try bitcoin casino sites to explore them in it and earn huge rewards.

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