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Crypto Trading Profit Calculators

What Is the Crypto Trading Calculator?

The Crypto trading calculator has become a handy tool in the world of crypto trading. Remember when you used to solve your math problems with a calculator, the crypto trading calculator does the same thing. The only difference is that it calculates the amount of profit a trader earns during crypto trading. The trader used to apply traditional methods for calculating profits, which used to take a lot of time, and that is why the development of crypto trading calculators took place. Some people might think that calculating trading profits is easy, so why use a calculator at all. But, the truth is that several complex trading profits can consume a lot of time, and that is why calculators are better options. Since these calculators are becoming very useful and handy, various applications are being developed every day to make this easy for traders. So, let’s look at how this exciting tool works and why it is rated highly by traders.

How Does the Crypto Trading Calculator Work?

Crypto trading calculators are widely used to calculate trading profits, and apart from that, they are also used for mining profitability and converting one cryptocurrency into another one. The crypto trading calculators work with the help of fixed formulas and algorithms. Several calculators work for only one or two cryptocurrencies and some work for all the cryptos. Crypto trading calculators work even if you have a fraction of coins. At the same time, there are some calculators which can convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies.

Different Types of Trading

Be it any trading like forex, crypto, etc. There are various methods and strategies used by traders that help them in making good profits. Below are the five most important types of trading.

  • Day Trading: Day trading is one of the most popular types of trading in which the trader buys/sells the currency in a matter of hours when the market is most active. Day trading is a type of short-term trading, as it lasts for a short time. That is the reason that StormGain offers 0% swap day trading.
  • Position Trading: Position trading is the exact opposite of day trading. In position trading, a trader purchases a currency and then holds it for years. Various traders hold their purchases for years, and they do not sell them unless they are sure about it.
  • Momentum trading: It is trading in which the decision depends on the momentum of a trade. It can move in any direction, and the decisions will depend entirely on it.
  • Scalping: Scalping is a type of trading in which a trade takes place in a matter of seconds. The timing depends on the market and the trader, but executing a trade lasts only a few seconds.
  • Swing Trading: Swing trading is a type of trading in which a trader gains complete knowledge, does the required research, and then decides to buy or sell a cryptocurrency. This process usually lasts for a long time, so it is one of the most profitable strategies.

Mining Profitability Calculators

Mining is the process of earning cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, ETH, XRP and more, through solving some cryptographic equations. These equations can be solved with computers’ help, and the traders who solve these problems are called miners. Solving these equations requires validating data blocks and transferring transaction records to a public record. The profit is being calculated with the help of mining costs and the market value of the cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Calculators for Tax

Several cryptocurrency calculators are also used to figure out the amount of tax paid in the coming cycle. The cryptocurrency is reported by filing an IRS form, and every trader must pay their cryptocurrency taxes. The taxes are calculated with formulas, and they are accurate.


The cryptocurrency trading calculator has emerged as one of the handiest tools in recent times, and several traders trust this tool with calculating profits, taxes, and mining profits. Some traders also use various tools that can convert your cryptocurrency into another one. There is no doubt that this tool is very reliable, and you can use it without having any second thoughts.

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